A Cold-Weather Super Bowl Would Be a Great Idea

A Cold-Weather Super Bowl Would Be a Great Idea

-By: Mike McCord

I read an article why having the Super Bowl in a cold-weather environment is a bad idea. This won’t be much of an article, however a response back to co-writer, 14A Sports own, Nick Capodice (a warm-weathered Miami Dolphin fan.)

This new concept, first of all, was the NFL saying thank you to the late Wellington Mara who was a big contributor of the growth of the NFL and where it is today. And where we say thank you, more opportunity can arise from this game being played in the NY/NJ area.
The NFL is hoping this game will be a success and maybe not want a blizzard, but they want snow- why a snow game? It is proven that snow games bring better ratings! We all remember the birth of the “tuck rule” with a playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. Funny thing, I believe the Oakland Raiders are a warm-weather team and aren’t they from California? It was a very close game that went into overtime where the Patriots won. Had it not been for that call, the Raiders would have won the game.

Nick also brings up the NFL Experience being cancelled. Sure, this game is a trial run and so far preparations for the New York area are going well. Mayor Bloomberg is doing his best to try and make this a great experience for people to visit and enjoy their time in New York. There may not be golf being played like the other spots that have hosted the Super Bowl; however people can see Broadway shows, shop on Madison Avenue, and other activities to the city that never sleeps. Believe it or not, it’s not the day of the game the NFL is worried about. It’s the days leading up to it so people don’t have to sit in their hotel room and do nothing while bad weather hits the area. For the game, if there is inclement weather, the Super Bowl will be backed another week.

What the NFL also wants are for cities like Chicago to bid for the Super Bowl as well. Yes, another cold-weather city with the capability of hosting the extra activities along with the game in their city. If the Super Bowl at Metlife Stadium is a success, you’ll have other cold-weather cities bidding and this is what Roger Goodell wants. After all, this is a business and the NFL has made billions upon billions upon billions. The prestigious championship game could be entering a new era.

Going back to the warm-weather team issue playing in an element they aren’t accustomed to, I have only two words: MAN UP! You ask any player in any team in any weather environment, they just want to play in the Super Bowl. You tell them the site is in Planet Mars, they will not say no going into a spaceship to play in the game! Finally, I’ve seen games that have been played in sufficient weather and there were some that were ugly. A bad day for any team can happen with sun, rain, snow, etc. As for this writer, I am excited and very interested to see this game being played in different elements than the Super Bowl is usually accustomed to.

Remember, it actually rained in Miami (you know Miami well, right Capodice?) The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears put up points and it was a good Super Bowl. The fear is change and I understand that but let’s not jump the gun here. Opinions can change and let’s see how this game goes next year!

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